Vital Force
Filmography: 2018- Operating (2018) 16 mm, color, 18 f/s, 4 minutes Performing minimally invasive heart surgery: Operating was created during a painting action with a surgeon. In order to better understand very complex minimally invasive operations on the heart, I invited the Vienna based cardiac surgeon Wilfried Wisser to do a painting workshop together w [mehr]
Inner Landscapes
Filmography: 2018- Ocean Breath (2019 [digital]) 4k video loop, 15 minutes The installation Ocean Breath includes soundscapes of the ocean, a 4k video loop, and a 16 mm experimental short film. All the recordings were collected in Morocco in September 2019. The idea to do a work on water and breathing was inspired by a Breathcore, a chorus, whi [mehr]
Filmography: 2018- Interweaving (2019 [digital]) 2,5 k video loop, 2 minutes For the most part the making of threads is a human speciality, depending as it does on dexterous movements of the hands, sometimes working in conjunction with the teeth – as in the preparation of sinews for sewing. In most of its uses, too, the thread depends on the human hand’s [mehr]