During our summerly meeting in Warsaw, Artur Zmijewski, renowned Polish visual artist with whom I already collaborate for almost a decade, and I painted together. Collaborative painting is an essential part of Artur’s artistic practice and has become a fascinating method of exploration for me too. As a form of communication. Modes of expression. With much space for chaos and abstraction. Intuitively the complexity of our inner worlds is being put into images. However initiating a process of creation can be a painful task. Shock. Depression? We put most of the paintings in a ‚waiting room‘, since we are both not sure whether they are done. Distance is needed. At least for a few hours. Sleep and digestion. On the following morning we decide to sign the images and leave them as they are…


Warsaw, 17 and 18 August 2017

Christina Lammer

Bitte finden Sie anbei die Vimeo-Links zu aktuellen Operationsfilmen und -videos. / Please find attached a list of Vimeo-links of current operating movies. Vimeo-PW: Since this is sensible image data, I ask you to contact me via Email. I will immediately send you the Vimeo password – <christina.lammer@corporealities.org>. This gives me the wonderful opportunity to get in touch with [mehr]
Drawing Empathy
Drawing Life / Life Drawing:     I took life drawing classes for a few semesters. My aim was to explore the process of drawing the living human figure in terms of empathy. What is going on in my own body while drawing? The coordination of eyes and hands. Learning to see (with more or less success). Forgetting time. Feeling for the other person: Einfühlung. This work is stil [mehr]
Chirurgische Gesten
Kino beim 58. Chirurgenkongress 2017 28. - 30. Juni 2017, Messe Wien, Congress Center, Ausstellungshalle     Handportraits. Eine ungewöhnliche Untersuchung chirurgischer Eingriffe. Chirurgie wird als zwischenmenschliches Geschehen erforscht. Chirurgen und Chirurginnen werden mit der Kamera beim Operieren beobachtet. Die Zusammenarbeit mit den Operateuren, ihren [mehr]