In this article, I will introduce my explorations with cameraless photochemical film processes, among them cyanotype. I work with fabric, nontoxic chemicals, light, air, and water in order to engage with natural materials the environment is made of.

Focusing on metabolic conversions, I am particularly interested in the development of an approach which is based on the idea that all life is entangled. Fjord Fabric (2022) is part of a series of cyanotypes on fabric, which I make on the coast. Where the sea meets land. The cloth has been exposed on a beach in Trondheim, Norway. Seawater, stones, and algae are blueprinted:

Please find videos and analog films (scans) to the theme online:

Vimeo password: <corporealities>

Christina Lammer

ORCID: 0000-0001-9906-4095

It is not knowledge of reality that makes us love reality passionately. It is feeling, the first and fundamental value. As for nature, we begin by loving it without knowing it, without really seeing it, by actualizing in things a love that has its basis elsewhere. Then we search for its details because we love it as a whole without knowing why. The enthusiastic descriptions given of it are [mehr]
Textus / Virus
Weaving a connective tissue: A fabric that mediates exchange. The word 'textus', borrowed from Latin, is being used in a metaphorical way. In Stitches in the Heart (2019), a multiple exposure 16 mm short film of a minimally invasive cardiac surgery on the mitral valve, I traced the processes of sewing. The operation was performed by means of endoscopic 3D videography. The film introduces a [mehr]
…do not forget
Hand Washing [mehr]