The Art of Wittness

October 2, 2010:

FEATURES – Art + Medicine Dialogues 3raum Anatomietheater, October 2010 In his study Works of Illness – Narrative, Picturing and the Social Response to Serious Disease (2009) Alan Radley suggests to “admit the patient into the theatre, the aesthetic into realm of illness. … Far from separating art and illness, there is much to be gained from allowing them to travel over each other’s territory. I say ‘travel’ because it keeps open the options, does not reach for closure so that, for example, art is deemed ‘good for illness’ or equally that illness is necessarily thought to be ‘good for art’” (21). With the organization of this international workshop I tried to create a space for dialogue and discussion. Weaving a connecting tissue. It is up to you to interlace the warp with the filling threads of content… Photograph: Christina Lammer