September 30, 2010:

Video interview with Hermine Heller, Vienna 2006 – I met the art historian Hermine Heller when I did my doctoral thesis on medical images of the human body in the late 1990ies. Hermine Heller, daughter of Hermann Heller who created figures for an anatomical atlas, a variety of animal anatomies and 55 mimic masks at the very beginning of 20st century, was incredibly supportive. She invited me to her house to study original historical materials of her father’s bequest. Hermine Heller died two years ago and I conceptualized the first FEATURES – Art + Medicine Dialogues in remembrance of her… “It is the portrayer who does not co-opt, who does not eat up, who does not analyze, in the Freudian sense, I mean, the sitter and who leaves him (or her) in his (or her) personal consistence. This is incredibly beautiful that one can see faces in this way. Particularly in our time – with all these puppet faces…” Photograph: Christina Lammer, 2006