Inner Images

October 1, 2010:

Body Image Studies – with the neurologist Fritz Leutmezer, Vienna, May 2005- The neurologist Fritz Leutmezer accompanies my research at the clinic already since May 2005. We produced a reader for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients together. Neurology and studies of the body image, my field of scientific and artistic interest, are historically well connected. This linkage goes back to the Viennese neurologist and psychiatrist Paul Schilder and his study The Image and Appearance of the Human Body (1950), one of the most important reference points within the clinical projects I am performing at Medical University Vienna (MUV). In addition Fritz treats my vegetative nervous system with the help of acupuncture needles… “One is always on the search of oneself or of being in the world. These are exactly the patients where one can look for these roots and for his own identity and his own weaknesses. For me this is also – when I am talking with patients, with those who make me feel low, I have always the feeling that I, calming them and trying to find a concept for their further life, that I try to find, so to say, a concept for my own life. I think that I could sit there, and this makes me feel low. This is genial in this profession. Apart from that one can only find this in theology.” Fritz Leutmezer 2005 Video still: Christina Lammer